Our Portfolio

It is our privilege to have partnered with the following companies that we believe have a vision for significant social and economic impact for all of their stakeholders. Our portfolio companies are fueled by purpose and seek to out-perform their peers.


Desktop and mobile app that creates a modern shopping experience by keeping the car buying process transparent and expedient, both in stores and online



Patented tags which are able to replace existing RFID chips with a fully secure system for a fraction of the price. This new generation will replace barcodes and non-secure RFID chips.

Bee Friendly Network™ produces digital proactive programs for children, parents and elementary schools to help kids recognize, prevent and recover from bullying…before it’s too late.


Technology that allows traders to verify their track records, benefit from performance analytics and risk management tools, access an emerging manager support structure, find potential trader employment opportunities and, if regulated, connect with investors.


Next-generation technology, operations, compliance, investment platforms, and practice management support for wealth advisors that frees them up for balance, growth and impact.


Life-saving products focused on eliminating deaths from preventable mosquito and bacteria-borne diseases and allow people to live to their fullest potentials.


While digital culture today consists of countless companies competing for eyeballs with ever more frequent, louder messaging and inbox spam, AudiencePoint seeks to deliver relevant content at times and in ways that are most relevant to customers.