City Fund

City Fund
An investment fund
dedicated to the

Flourishing of
economic opportunities

to improve earnings and pathways to career jobs.

Eagle City Fund is dedicated to the restoration and flourishing of cities

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Bold Entrepreneurs connected into the fabric of a City can serve as potent catalysts to bring improved economic opportunities where they are needed most

Healthcare for
returning citizens

Patient Sortal is a community based organization that provides returning citizens with the best healthcare experience during community reintegration.

Patient Sortal
Empowers people to
magnify mentorship

UpFrom is a powerful mentoring app that connects individuals, fosters meaningful relationships, and provides a platform for personal and professional growth.

Empowers people to
magnify mentorship

VeroSkills is an educational platform that offers training and mentoring opportunities, specifically focused on coding and software development.


Let's look at the



that drive our thesis:

Upskilling & Improving Earning Power


Upskilling into career jobs and the apprenticeship movement have massive potential for social impact and profit.

  • Software, HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing industries are desperate for talent.
  • These industries are used to paying to find talent.
  • Many of these industries reach six figure earning potential.
  • None of these industries require bachelors degrees.



750,000 people are returning from incarceration each year in the USA.

They need healthcare, housing, education, banking, counselling, and there are programs ready to pay.



UpFrom is a scalable platform with the potential to spawn a generation of startups similar to "The Stripe Mafia".

13.3 million children are at-risk in communities across the United States*. The wounds in these communities are more evident than ever, and the number of people trying to get involved to help is rising.

*National Center for Children in Poverty

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Frequently Asked Questions
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Stories of Native Impact from the Eagle Community

What is Native Impact
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