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Investing to combat Slavery and Human Trafficking

The Eagle Freedom Fund invests in founders and companies that are directly combatting slavery and human trafficking.

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Traffickers have made a business out of enslaving people.

We're inviting you to turn your investment into a lifeline: combat human trafficking and make both a financial and ethical impact.*

Why We're Investing

Altus is a market leader in equipping consumers, businesses, healthcare workers, and governments on how to combat human trafficking. Their Justice U™ platform trains thousands of front-line workers each year and is positioned to experience explosive growth as professionals from a wide variety of fields are under increasing mandates to receive training and adopt solutions to end human trafficking. Altus also generates significant impact and revenue from the tech-enabled Engage Together® solution and deep-dive consulting projects. Altus founder, Ashleigh Chapman, was recognized by USA Today as a "Woman of the Year" for her work combatting trafficking.

Altus Solutions
Why We're Investing

Evidencity stands at the forefront of revolutionizing information retrieval for corporations and governments across the world. Their innovative platform has already transformed the way essential records are accessed in hard-to-reach locations, presenting a game-changing approach for entities seeking vital information. Through their robust business model, Evidencity not only addresses this critical need but also generates considerable revenue through advanced technology-enabled consulting services. With a focus on facilitating seamless connections between businesses and governments, Evidencity's impact spans both local and international arenas.


"What we build helps communities understand what's really going on"

J.Todd Smith
Method Five Labs
Ashleigh S. Chapman
Altus™ Solutions

"Many businesses don't even know they are involved in 'deviant globalization' "

Wes Lyons
Eagle Ventures
Samuel Logan

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Frequently Asked Questions
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