Native Impact eliminates the tension between Profit and Impact

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Bolt - On Impact

A non-unique
product or service

Impact is inversely correlated with profit (Philanthropy Model)

Creates a “Vicious Cycle” where impact reduces profit

Native Impact

Uniquely better value proposition

Impact created by revenue generation

Creates a “Virtuous Cycle” where Sales = Impact

Native Impact eliminates the tension between profit and impact

How We Identify Native Impact Startups Profit and Impact:

Inseparable Twins

CapitalWorks is an independent alternative asset management firm providing investment access and specialist solutions to its clients across a wide range of industries and investment themes in global emerging markets.

The Value Chain Question

We always ask: "Who in the value chain has both the pain and the ability to pay?" Companies that effectively address this question often have the native impact we’re looking for. For example, we worked with VeroSkills, a company upskilling at-risk youth. We helped them pivot their business model so that employers, who need the talent and can afford it, became the payers.

The B2B Tech Focus

We specialize in B2B tech companies, particularly those in the Software as a Service (SaaS) realm. Why? Because these are the businesses rewriting the world, driving it forward, and where we can exert the most leverage.

Native Impact paves the way for a new heart of capitalism

Stories of Native Impact from the Eagle Community

What is Native Impact
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