Our Portfolio

It is our privilege to have partnered with the following companies

that we believe have a vision for significant social and economic impact for all of their stakeholders. Our portfolio companies are fueled by purpose and seek to out-perform their peers.

Social Impact Via Software Development and Recruitment
VeroSkills is an education platform which provides underprivileged students access to training, mentoring by top software developers, and competitive career opportunities matched with the recruitment pipelines.
A better way to do home and auto insurance
Acquiring data for insurance applications can be a nightmare for agents, as the process is inefficient, cumbersome, and costly.  SALT makes to process efficient, seamless, and fast.
A sustainability Fintech System measuring Impact
World Wide Generation combines monitoring and a marketplace platform to accelerate the financing, delivery and measuring of Sustainable Development Goals. The platform solves the transparency and trusted data challenge that has hindered the matching of colossal need to substantial available funds.
Business Process Automation Platform
Factory Intelligent Solutions combines machine intelligence and robotic process automation to streamline processes for the finance and insurance industries.
Products That Allow People to Live Life to the Fullest Potential
LivFul provides life-saving products focused on eliminating deaths from preventable mosquito and bacteria-borne diseases and allow people to live to their fullest potentials.
Helping Traders Get Discovered
FundSeeder allows traders to verify their track records, benefit from performance analytics and risk management tools, access an emerging manager support structure, find potential trader employment opportunities and, if regulated, connect with investors.
From Idea to Launch
Business planning platform that empowers SaaS entrepreneurs to refine their vision, validate assumptions, build investor-ready plans, prepare pitches, and successfully launch using our suite of tools
Developer of the Wisephone
Techless was founded in 2019 with a mission of creating pure and simple technology for intentional living. Through their revolutionary product, Wisephone, Techless strives to empower people to eliminate distraction and utilize mobile applications and tools that allow them to live fully. Techless equips their customers with a phone that is the perfect cross section between convenience and intentionality.
Total support ecosystem for wealth advisors
Next-generation technology, operations, compliance, investment platforms, and practice management support for wealth advisors that frees them up for balance, growth and impact.
Video + Survey = VURVEY
Vurvey combines the power of video with the simplicity of a survey. Get better insights in less time with research, interviews, and focus groups.
Profit Inc.
The Path to Profit
Profit Inc. is a SaaS-based fintech app that delivers insightful and actionable analysis to clearly reveal the profitability of each customer and offering, enabling management teams to confidently take action to dramatically improve overall profitability and business value.
Supply chain SaaS application
FRDM is a SaaS application that brings transparency to modern-day slavery in supply chains. They help to clean the supply chain of companies and protect people by showing which suppliers are higher risk for human rights abuses.
Producing new generation of secure RFID chips
Matrics2 produces patented tags which are able to replace existing RFID chips with a fully secure system for a fraction of the price. This new generation will replace barcodes and non-secure RFID chips.
Tech-enabled service for in-language expertisein 129 countries
Evidencity is a tech-enabled service that facilitates access to documents and on-the-ground knowledge in challenging jurisdictions. They do this by connecting clients with their network of Global Insight Providers.
Virtual reality English tutoring platform
Immerse is a virtual reality English tutoring platform.  The English teaching market is a multi-billion dollar global market that enjoys strong growth, and Immerse's virtual reality tutoring technology has been recognized by both the English teaching industry and the virtual reality industry as a market leader.
Fintech Platform for Capital Transaction Management
Capital Works is an intelligent end-to-end Capital Transaction Management (CTM) platform that empowers business owners, their advisors, and capital providers to successfully complete loan, investment, and exit transactions.
Deploying XR is Difficult. Arbor makes it easy.
ArborXR allows enterprises to manage Virtual Reality and Extended Reality users, devices, and software in a simple, clean interface quickly & easily.
Swiss Integrative Medicine
Wise Medicine is a Swiss clinic specializing in the integrative treatment of patients. The doctors using a combination of natural and academic medicine. They are specialized in the field of chronic diseases and do highly effective treatments which attracts patients from all over the world.
Audience Engagement Platform with 2 Billion Unique Contacts
While digital culture today consists of countless companies competing for eyeballs with ever more frequent, louder messaging and inbox spam, AudiencePoint seeks to deliver relevant content at times and in ways that are most relevant to customers.
Proactive digital bully-prevention solutions
Bee Friendly Network™ produces digital proactive programs for children, parents and elementary schools to help kids recognize, prevent and recover from bullying…before it’s too late.
Blockchain-based conditional payment system
It is a conditional payment system that can be tailored for your specific needs; whether you want to engage your local community, want to design a state-of-the art loyalty program or are organizing an event. Ecoo connects people and companies by creating digital and earmarked coins or points for their ecosystem.