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Providing returning citizens with the best healthcare experience during community reintegration

Patient Sortal is a community based organization that provides returning citizens with the best healthcare experience during community reintegration.

We advocate for our members to take charge of their medical care without having to navigate all the delays and barriers that the system may present

An interview with Eagle's Wes Lyons & Patient Sortal

"It was like a lightbulb turned on"

Kenny Eck VS WesLyons
Kenny Eck
Patient Sortal
Wes Lyons
Eagle Ventures

"From the first prayer we had together, I knew we were talking with the

right leaders 

who will work with us to ensure our brothers and sisters get the highest quality of healthcare when coming home!"


Kenny Eck
Founder & CEO

Kenny Eck

Founder & CEO
Patient Sortal

Dual Master's Degree recipient who executes Evidence-Based Entrepreneurship. Currently leading Patient Sortal Inc., a data-driven care model that provides superior healthcare to returning citizens.

Team Members

Thomas Stretch


Co-Founder & CTO

Saad Soliman


Chief Growth Officer

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