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UpFrom empowers people to magnify mentorship by leveraging the power of teams

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Expanding the reach and impact of mentorship by leveraging teamwork.

Our mission is to transform millions of lives through the power of the UpFrom generosity platform

UpFrom is a technological platform created to route resources into at-risk communities and deepen volunteer participation.

13.3 million children are at-risk in communities across the United States*. The wounds in these communities are more evident than ever, and the number of people trying to get involved to help is rising.

One of Eagle Venture Fund's three venture builder labs, Method Five has been working to launch UpFrom using a proprietary playbook that its founding team has used to generate billions in market value.

*National Center for Children in Poverty

The Team

An award winning, experienced, sought-after tech startup founding team and venture lab coming together to change the narrative on generosity in at-risk communities.

Method Five Labs

" We've been involved in the UpFrom prototyping process and are thrilled to be currently using the app. We're excited about the potential for the rest of the platform to transform the decades-long work we've been doing with Boston youth. "

Paul Malkemes
Boston Project

Method Five Labs ran a proven playbook to pre-validate and build a robust Generosity Platform in a fraction of the time

UpFrom is currently being seeded in Method Five Labs (M5). The platform aims to revolutionize generosity towards at-risk populations.

Using its five method playbook, M5 Build Lab conceptualized and validated the platform. While no concept is a "sure thing", pre-validation efforts with numerous organizations led to significant de-risking of the platform. Once the product was better understood, M5 Build Lab went to work developing the platform.

In tandem, M5 Growth Lab's marketing and growth team is working on a world-class marketing launch to gain rapid market traction.

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