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VeroSkills is transforming lives by elevating the wages and economic opportunities of refugees
VeroSkills is a refugee workforce platform that retrains individuals globally for careers in AI, Automation, and Software Engineering, providing mentoring and opportunities for underprivileged students.
Refugees have been trained
Refugees projected to be trained this year
Refugee-Exclusive Jobs ready for graduates
Average income increase after training
Average increase in earnings
GP Thesis
"This is the core, that their value proposition produces the impact we are looking for... they flipped the business model so people at risk didn't have to pay."
Wes Lyons
Eagle Ventures
Entrepreneur Thesis
An education platform which provides underprivileged students access to training and mentoring by top software developers
Daniel Walsh
Refugee Testimonials
Anna Nedovba
“VeroSkills changed my life! After moving to a new country, I struggled to find meaningful work. Thanks to VeroSkills, I gained the skills and confidence to pursue a career in technology. I am now employed as a Software Engineer at a top tech company, and I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunities they provided.”
Anna Nedovba
Software Engineer
Carlton Lewis
“VeroSkills provided me with the knowledge and support to transition into a new career. The training was comprehensive, and the mentors were incredibly helpful. I am now working as a Data Analyst, and I owe my success to VeroSkills.”
Carlton Lewis
Data Analyst
Imoh Samson
“Joining VeroSkills was the best decision I made for my career. The program equipped me with the necessary skills in AI and Automation, and the mentorship was invaluable. Today, I am proud to work as an AI Specialist, thanks to VeroSkills.”
Imoh Samson
AI Specialist
Jonatan Boruga
“VeroSkills was instrumental in helping me achieve my career goals. The training was top-notch, and the community support made a huge difference. Thanks to VeroSkills, I am now employed as a Software Developer, and my career prospects have significantly improved.”
Jonatan Boruga
Software Developer
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