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VeroSkills provides underserved individuals with training in software engineering.

VeroSkills is an educational platform that offers training and mentoring opportunities, specifically focused on coding and software development.

It aims to support underprivileged students by providing access to training, mentoring by top software developers, and fostering competitive career opportunities.


VeroSkills is a great example of the value of plugging into the Eagle Venture Platform

Listen to VeroSkills testimony of how different Eagle's diligence is from other VC's
Daniel Walsh
Wes Lyons
Eagle Ventures

"It was like the ultimate consultant was brought on to help us land that

first customer

, which is now our biggest customer.”



Daniel Walsh

Founder & CEO VeroSkills

With a background as a three-time startup founder and 14 years of experience in the software industry, he has trained and placed over 1,000 engineers.

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