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See how the team at Capital Works designed a planned exit and returned 5x to seed investors

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Fintech Platform for Private Capital Transaction Management

Mission: To transform private capital through a marketplace platform

The success of early-stage businesses has hinged on the right people being in the right places. We’re here to expand the ecosystem with more people, more ideas— and most importantly— more connections.

Capital Works was built to create a marketplace to bring together entrepreneurs, VCs, and LPs to help them find new opportunities and get deals done.

Capital Works was a private capital marketplace that brought together private companies, investors, and buyers across a wide range of industries and investment themes.

Wade Myers

General Partner at Eagle Venture Fund & Co-Founder and Chairman of Eagle Venture Lab

"There's a tendency for all of us entrepreneurs to wait until our vision is 'perfect' before taking it to market. I've learned that it is much better to reach out to potential

very early on for validation feedback which helps drive the overall vision and strategy."

See how the team at Capital Works designed a planned exit and returned exit within 

19 months of launch

The first month Capital Works launched operations, the team (that went on to launch Eagle Venture Lab) used Sales Pipeline Management practices to identify the largest potential licensees and potential acquirer for its platform

Once a licensing discussion was successfully initiated with a large, global bank, the licensing process migrated into structurfed design sessions where the acquirer was able to inform the features they wanted. The result was a designed exit in the form of a build-to-suit scenario with the product existing at a 5x return to seed only 19 months.

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