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Our core team

raffaele carmine

Founded/co-founded 15+ companies
Helped growing and funding 50+ companies
Built up and headed a bond trading desk in a big Swiss bank
Financial Analyst CIIA
Married with three sons.

wade myers

Founded/co-founded 25+ companies including global and Inc. 5000 firms
55+ financing and M&A transactions
Army Ranger and decorated combat veteran
3 degrees, including Harvard MBA and Baker Scholar
Married with 5 children

raimund buhr

Successful turn-around consulting for various global companies
Co- Founded/Founded 10 companies
Honours degree in Value Engineering
Advisor on strategy to different industry segment companies
Married with three children

wesley lyons

General Partner of Hopkins Capital Partners Fund LP
Naval Flight Officer and decorated combat veteran
Degree in Mechanical Engineering from US Naval Academy
Senior Financial Advisor and Investment Committee Member of Hopkins Investment Management.
Married with four sons.

Extended Team

external advisors

We have a broad network of technical advisors which help us to evaluate the investments. They are vital in the Due Diligance process and play an important role in our extented team. They have experience in different sectors and bring the needed expertise to the table.