Wes Lyons

Wes Lyons

Wes Lyons

“The purpose of investing is to solve problems.”

Wes Lyons
Fund Manager

Wes Lyons

Wes serves the entrepreneurs who are 

restoring the world.

He is a General Partner at Eagle Venture Fund, where he leads Eagle's investment themes of combating human trafficking and economic opportunities for the poor.

Wes has previously been a general partner in two private equity funds focused on real estate and venture capital.  Wes has been the primary operations and compliance partner for every fund he been partner in. He's been the lead partner for more than a dozen investments before Eagle and more than a dozen at Eagle.

Three Facts About Wes

Wes has four sons and loves running with them.

Wes's passion to combat trafficking was born as a naval aviator fighting ISIS in the Philippines. Wes witnessed children used in combat and experienced compassion for the Filipino youth who were becoming ISIS fighters.

Wes went on to lead the US detachment to the Philippines, assisting the Filipino military in re-taking a city from ISIS.

Impact Philosophy

I'm excited about releasing market-based solutions to combat human trafficking and economic opportunities for the poor. I believe there are huge opportunities for impact in supply chain transparency and financial transparency to combat trafficking. I also see huge opportunities in up-skilling the economically poor, and for-profit pathways out of poverty.

Key Investment Focus Areas

Combatting Trafficking


Tech Enabled Services

Financial Services

B2B SaaS

Economic Opportunities

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