Raffi Carmine

Raffaele Carmine

Raffaele Carmine

“Every business you start, every investment you make and all the time you invest must have life as a fruit."

Raffaele Carmine
General Partner

Raffi Carmine

Raffi serves the entrepreneurs who are 

uplifting the world.

After completing a commercial education in banking, Raffi became involved in Private Banking and progressed to Investment Banking. He was promoted to Head of Bond Trading at Director level with one of the larger Swiss banks. While working in this area, he completed a post graduate program in Finance at the Institute of Financial Services Zug (IFZ) and earning the qualification of Certified International Financial Analyst (CIIA).

He left banking to successfully launch over a dozen start-ups and absolved a post graduate program as board member in the University of applied science Lucerne. Over the past 12 years, he has acted as an active angel investor, consultant and entrepreneur.

Impact Philosophy

I'm excited if a product or a service from a company results in an uplifting for a person or group of people. Be it economically, socially or quite personally.

Key Investment Focus Areas



B2B SaaS

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