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The Eagle Freedom Fund invests in founders and companies that are directly combatting slavery and human trafficking.

We invest in highly scalable business models that are addressing supply chain transparency, purchasing transparency, and systemic demand and attack.

The lack of transparent economic systems is responsible for a large share of trafficking, and businesses are well-suited to go to war to solve this problem.

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Asked Questions

Eagle Portfolio Companies are already impacting human trafficking and we're investing in more. Questions?

Why invest in early-stage companies?

We believe there is massive return potential when investing in early-stage companies, and there is significant opportunity to scale them. Additionally, there is a great opportunity to pivot the business model early to find the most success.

Are the returns of impact investments higher than conventional investments?

Yes, over time, venture capital (VC) investments in the Just 100 companies outperform the S&P 500. Many professionals who have been in the financial sector for decades are aware that just focusing on squeezing out more profit is not a sustainable strategy. Caring for employees, customers, the community, and all stakeholders creates impact as well as financial returns.

What do you look for in a potential investment?

We look for a solid business strategy, a great team, and a strong financial model. We primarily invest in B2B SaaS, fintech, insurtech, VR/XR tech, and healthcare tech.

At which stage do you invest?

We invest at the seed and Series A stages.

How do you work with your companies post-investment?

We host Eagle University every month, led by Harvard-trained BCG experienced professionals, where founders learn about the key areas they need to grow.

What are some of the beliefs about the future that guide your investment decisions?

The world is broken. People are vulnerable and hurting. However, each of the companies we invest in is making a significant impact with the potential for significant financial profit. Our most successful investments have a talented team, a redemptive mission, and are making a significant difference in a battle that matters.

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Join us!

Join a movement to back the bold as they seek to build business models that forge human flourishing.

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