Eagle Venture Fund Announces Investment in Capital Works

Eagle Venture Fund is pleased to announce an investment in Capital Works, a fintech platform that was incubated by our partner Wade Myers. Capital Works is an intelligent end-to-end Capital Transaction Management (CTM) platform that empowers business owners, their advisors, and capital providers to successfully complete transactions such as a business loan, growth equity, or an exit.
The current investment round will remain open until the end of Q1-2019 for investors that wish to co-invest with Eagle Venture Fund.

Capital Works Value Proposition

Despite our tech-enabled world, attempting to close a business loan, investment, or sale still remains frustratingly inefficient, inordinately time-consuming, and too often results in failure. Capital Works believes companies and capital providers deserve better.
Capital Works provides a significant value proposition through dramatically reducing the time and expense to source, conduct diligence, and manage private capital transactions via a highly-automated, AI-infused process of ingesting strategic, financial, and operational data from numerous sources (company, industry, valuation, and competitive benchmark data); structuring, analyzing, synthesizing, and standardizing the data; and presenting capital providers the ability to search on 100+ criteria in order to source perfectly-matched deals, immediately drill down to source data to complete due diligence, and monitor the transactions post-closing.


Capital Works

AI-infused processes to help business to find new owners

All participants in the efficient Capital Works marketplace benefit from the value proposition:

  • Business Owners:

    • Increased access to capital

    • Increased credibility and valuation

    • Decreased exposure of sensitive information

  • Advisor Network:

    • Excellent value-added service

    • Platform to sell and quantify additional services

    • Revenue share

    • Standardized process that lowers the cost-to-serve

  • Capital Providers:

    • Increased access to deals

    • Incomparable quality of diligence

    • Close more deals faster

Capital Works Market Opportunity

The company serves the 1.2m lower-middle market companies with revenue in the $1m to $100m+ range that are served by 20k brokers and exit planners, 140k general business advisors, and 1.3m influencer advisors (attorneys, wealth managers, trust managers, etc.). These companies write 2.3m loans worth $186b and $11b of private equity transactions each year from 400k capital provider professionals that work at 73k capital provider firms that spend $35b on sourcing and due diligence, but close only a fraction of the deals they pursue.
Capital Works charges a subscription fee for all marketplace participants and has a total addressable market of $6.1b.

Capital Works Stage

  • Developed standardized financial, operational, and due diligence analytics and tested for several years with scores of companies

  • 5-person management team and 7-person software development team in place

  • Engaged with 500+ capital provider professionals for beta testing

Capital Works Impact

Enables faith-based capital providers, family offices, and companies to execute direct investments to facilitate exits for faith-based baby boomers (the platform includes specific search criteria for faith-based businesses).