New Investment: World Wide Generation

“Europe’s most promising sustainability fintech startup”-
— UK Government

Eagle Venture Fund is pleased to announce investment in World Wide Generation, based in London, UK.  WWG is developing a blockchain powered platform to monitor, verify, and report impact data for companies and non-profit projects. 

Each year, billions of dollars “leak” from non-profit and government projects in Africa due to corruption and inefficiencies, but there hasn’t been a way to deal with the problem until World Wide Generation built a platform to measure the impact of non-profit projects.  Their inagural project for Unilever found $700k of leakage in a water sanitation project in South Africa.  They also apply the technology to measuring the impact of companies on the world, which has prompted the two biggest banks in Europe to recently subscribe to World Wide Generation’s service.   


Inefficient & Expensive transformed to Efficient & Cost Effective

World Wide generation has taken the inefficient and expensive process companies are using to report impact to assurers, rating agencies, and investors, and streamlined the process into a fintech platform that is scalable, verifiable, and efficient.  



Market Traction:

Since the release of the SDGs we have been seeking a way to map, monitor and measure our impact and scale our initiatives but have not been able to find a comprehensive way to do this. We met World Wide Generation at the start of 2018 and were impressed with their end to end G17Eco platform.
— President Unilever Africa

World Wide Generation has 30 of the world's largest investors and companies signed up for a beta launch in Q4.  These fortune 50 companies bring momentum and market traction.  

Unilever was WWG's first large client, paying WWG to measure the impact of a large project in South Africa to bring clean water to schools. The project was a huge success.

World Wide Generation's impact measuring on just this first project brought significantly increased effectiveness and transparency to Unilever's philanthropic efforts.  

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