Our Founders

Eagle is Proud to Partner with the Following Audacious Entrepreneurs

On a mission to leave the world a different place than they found it.

”The future of virtual education lies within people and empowering the underprivileged. So, together with Eagle, we made the first steps to success free."
Daniel Walsh
VeroSkills Founder
”The field of ESG can be difficult to navigate in a tangle of acronyms and letters. But there is a real opportunity for businesses who seek to integrate make-sense sustainability into their profit-seeking activities.”
Manjula Lee
World Wide Generation Founder
”Eagle Venture Fund saw that there was a market opportunity, and also an opportunity to help millions avoid needless sickness that impairs life. Their partnership has been amazing.”
Hogan Bassey
LivFul Co-Founder
”Our mission is to help people live more meaningful lives through the power of XR. To give them time to be more present. For purposeful work, deeper relationships, and a better world. Eagle has been a tremendous partner.”
Brad Scoggin
ArborXR Founder
”We are an integrative centre for chronic and severe illnesses with an integrated GP practice. We take no position on medicine except that we seek to take the best of both worlds -- conventional and the natural -- and do what's best for the patient. This is good and it's good business, and Eagle understands.”
Heinz Lüscher
Wise Medicine Founder
”Eagle knew what we knew: there are millions of human slaves and at the same time, consumers are becoming more demanding that their dollars are not complicit. FRDM helps companies satisfy consumer demand by putting their actions in alignment with their stated virtues through an easy-to-use but powerful suite of modules that tracks their supply activities.”
Justin Dillon
FRDM Founder
”Information is at a premium in areas where a number of conditions make access a near-impossibility. Where there is scarcity paired with a need, there is often a market opportunity. Eagle ran us through the impact paces and the profit paces and ascertained that we were a good investment, and good partner. We couldn't have found a more vital and vibrant source of capital.”
Samuel Logan
Evidencity Founder
”Fastlane is much more than a lead-generating tool for dealers. It is a complete car-buying system, with advanced features and customizability. The platform seamlessly walks customers through the many aspects of the buying process. We started with a market opportunity, and knew if we could stabilize profits, we'd have an opportunity to democratize car buying for those who typically get the short end of the stick. ”
Brandon Hall
Fastlane Founder
”SALT makes it outrageously simple for Independent Agents to begin accepting digital applications. We deeply believe in the role insurance can play in helping others plan well, and head towards the path of economic stability. Some of those economically and socially least likely to follow through on insurance are helped greatly by our tech, and Eagle saw that future as we did.”
Dustin Parker
Salt Founder
”Immerse helps others to experience the power and joy of language immersion from home so they can develop real-life fluency, learn new cultures and become part of a life-changing community. Eagle's counsel and their funding helped accelerate our mission.”
Quinn Taber
Immerse Founder
”Vurvey is a new platform to make feedback more human and to empower businesses to co-create with their customers. Our enterprise SaaS platform helps businesses and teams accelerate collaboration and build inspired solutions. We're excited to use our tech to help other Eagle portfolio companies build better impact products.”
Chad Reynolds
Vurvey Founder
”Techless is on a mission to bring 'pure and simple' phones to a marketplace awash in distraction and temptation. It's a massive vision to serve a huge market. Eagle saw the potential, and the importance of the mission. They knew it would be quite the journey, but one worth embarking upon.”
Christopher Kaspar
Techless Founder
”Bee Friendly is tackling a childhood problem that plagues people, often into adulthood. Whole societies are weighed down from the scarring the takes place during periods of often extended bullying. Eagle saw that we had a unique solution to tackle this problem while seeking a sustainable and profitable business.”
Kristi Kennedy
Bee Friendly Now Founder
”ecoo is pioneering a local coin for communities that enables a closed cycle of earmarked 'currency' in a clearly defined ecosystem. We've designed a simple and secure solution for apps, and one that can be used millions of times every day for payments in shops and supermarkets or for money transfers between friends. Eagle saw the market impact, and the social impact potential of a coin that could unite communities.”
Marc Van Nuffel
ecoo Founder
”Matrics2 provides 100% item level, global track and trace system for any asset moving through any supply chain or transaction path totally preventing against fraud, counterfeiting and tampering using a proprietary 256-bit global random identification numbering (GRIN) system. Eagle saw the potential for us to gain a foothold in numerous markets, and the potential our technology holds to do good in the world.”
Michael Arneson
Matrics2 Founder
”People pay thousands and thousands dollars for email for email lists. AudiencePoint greatly improves deliverability which can be like 'finding' thousands of emails. The team at Eagle got how powerful this proposition is, and they've been an amazing partner to help guide our growth.”
Andy Perez
AudiencePoint Founder
”EverSource Wealth Advisors is at the forefront of providing an incredible suite of services to advisors on a mission. We had a plan to bring some new twists to mission-driven advisory services, and Eagle clearly saw the power of our plans to give platform to advisors seeking double bottom line returns for their clients. Eagle was a great help to us in standing up the model before we successfully exited the Fund.”
Mark Wesson
EverSource Founder
”FundSeeder is a financial data and analytics company providing a free trader platform, emerging manager investment opportunities, and customized software for financial institutions. The great thing about working with Eagle, is it naturally inclines us to strategically think about profits while imagining what our tool may be capable of on the impact front as well.”
Emanuel Balarie
FundSeeder Founder
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