New Investment: Wise Medicine

Eagle Venture Fund is pleased to announce investment in Wise Medicine, based in WINTERTHUR, Switzerland.

Many chronic diseases are difficult to cure with conventional methods of treatment. Wise Medicine has specialized in severe cases where traditional methods have failed, treating primarily with natural products and treatment methods that have no serious side effects. They integrate natural solutions and team up with orthodox physicians and specialists to cooperate for the benefit of patients.


A lifetime of research

Dr Heinz Luescher has spent many years studying and applying natural solutions to diseases that traditional medicine struggles to treat. He has specialized in chronic diseases such as alzheimer's, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s. He has partnered with kingnature to produce many of the world's leading natural supplements for numerous markets across Europe and Asia. Dr Luescher has a growing cadre of doctors who implement this research, and Wise Medicine provides a platform for the doctors and patients looking for natural solutions to many of the toughest diseases. 

Our funding, in part, will finance the launch of a clinic that will start with three doctors beside Dr. Luescher and eight additional therapists.

At Eagle, we believe significant financial returns and significant impact can go hand-in-hand, and Wise Medicine is a wonderful example of such an opportunity. Wise Medicine combines a great business strategy with the noble purpose of restoring patient health. Wise Medicine will also offer spiritual counseling to every patient of the clinics.