Eagle Venture Fund Announces Investment in FundSeeder

Merry Christmas!  Eagle Venture Fund is pleased to announce an investment in FundSeeder.  Fundseeder has built a platform that allows traders to verify their track records, benefit from performance analytics and risk management tools, access an emerging manager support structure, find potential trader employment opportunities and, if regulated, connect with investors.

FundSeeder Market Opportunity:

The multi-Billion-dollar hedge fund market is controlled by a few traders who as a group under-perform, so investors are hungry for new, talented traders.  FundSeeder was co-founded by Jack Schwager (the author of the Market Wizards series), Emanuel Balarie, and James Bibbings to connect growing traders with investors seeking new talent.  There are several potential revenue streams from connecting investors with opportunities.


FundSeeder Progress:

- 9000+ traders have signed up on FundSeeder.com. 
- FundSeeder is generating revenue from connecting traders with capital.  
- FundSeeder released an investor interface in Q4.  
- Hired Bill Stephenson, former head of global trading at Franklin Templeton.  
- Hired Gary Klopfenstein, former CEO of Berenberg Asset Management; the U.S. asset management arm of a 400-year-old German financial institution

FundSeeder Impact:

FundSeeder democratizes access to capital for traders from anywhere in the world.  This has huge potential to offer opportunities to people who would never before have had an opportunity to trade professionally.  The CEO is committed to living out his faith in the marketplace and has a vision to impact Africa with the tool.

Eagle Venture Fund News

Eagle Venture Fund Valuation Updates
Matrics2 signed an LOI for an up-round investment last month and signed an LOI for an additional investment at an additional valuation increase.
Fastlane is discussing an up-round with several investors and has received two offers to acquire the company  


The Eagle Venture Fund team has studied the issue of high failure rates in startups, and we believe investors and founders often don't have a good framework for analyzing an opportunity. As we looked, most decisions and business due diligence were simply ad hoc. We saw this in the Fortune 500 world, the venture capital investment industry, the investment banking industry, the M&A process, and with startup entrepreneurs. There is often a lack of process discipline around what to analyze and how to objectively measure opportunities to assess its probability of success or failure.

Over the years we’ve read thousands of business cases in business school, thousands of news stories about business, and thousands of business plans. And we’ve advised hundreds of businesses, from rank startups to Fortune 500 clients. We’ve also invested in startups, launched many businesses, and acquired quite a few others. So we went on a journey of discovery and analyzed everything – what went wrong and what worked well in all of those different situations.  Read what we discovered here.