Eagle Venture Fund Announces Investment in LivFul

Eagle Venture Fund is pleased to announce an investment in LivFul.  The LivFul team develops safe bug repellants to help people live life to the fullest potential. Their mission is to save 200,000 lives each year and transform communities with business models that allow people to thrive. 

LivFul Value Proposition:  

Every year people suffer and die from insect-borne disease, so LivFul created AKIVA, a DEET-free, nature-based insect repellent that uses a patented plant-based, controlled-release technology. LivFul is excellently positioned for significant returns and significant impact. 


LivFul Market Opportunity:

We estimate LivFul's potential market is $1B/year based on 10% market penetration in the bug repellant market.  The nature-based bug repellant market is growing more rapidly than the overall market due to continued concerns about the toxic alternatives.   

LivFul Stage:

LivFul successfully raised a seven-figure seed round. They have released their flagship product, AKIVA, in the Bahamas and have received significant interest from several large global brands. LivFul is also in negotiations with a major multi-national corporation about a distribution partnership. 

LivFul Impact:

LivFul’s goal is to save 200,000 lives per year from mosquito-borne diseases.  Here is an early example of the impact: The Amazima School, a Christian secondary boarding school in Jinja, Uganda, ran a field test of AKIVA. Kelly Miller, dean of student life at Amazima, told LivFul the children and staff were surprised and pleased with the results. Although we didn't conduct a clinical study, Kelly's gut instinct tells him AKIVA prevented an outbreak of malaria. 


Eagle Venture Fund News

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Values-Based Investing Pays Well!

Most people invest some of their savings and give some of it away to charity. We believe you can do both at once—invest for profit AND impact.  We believe values-based companies perform better than average due to their values-based way of doing business.  Companies that pay more taxes, take care of the environment, pay more salary and benefits, and give away time and money are correlated with great performance. 
22 companies went against the culture doing these things and out-performed the S&P 1681% vs 118% over a period of 15 years.  The way they did it is recorded by the authors of “Firms of Endearment.”  A similar study showed out-performance in the private sector by values-based companies.  The study was by C-12, the largest network of Christian CEO’s.  Read more about why values-based investing out-performs here.