Eagle Venture Fund Announces Investment in Matrics2, Inc.

The partners of Eagle Venture Fund announce their first investment inMatrics2 Inc.  Matrics2 builds near-field communication chips that integrate with many of today's smart-phones.  Matrics2's founders are also passionate about impacting their community by building and staffing their facilities in the areas that can make the most difference.   

Matrics2 Value Proposition:  

Smart phones can now scan Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips. Currently those chips are to expensive for most applications.  Matrics2 has developed a drastically cheaper ID unique-ID chip that could be applied to supply-chain tracking, anti-counterfeiting, and replacing inefficient bar-codes.


Matrics2 Market Opportunity:

We estimate Matrics2's potential market is $2.2B/year based on 10% market penetration of the bar code market.  There is also strong additional potential from selling data analytics. 

Matrics2 Stage:

The Matrics2 team has built a successful prototype and is fielding bids for a production-scale manufacturing facility.  EVF invested in the friends-and-family round, and we expect a robust A-round in 4th quarter.  


Matrics2 Impact:

Matrics2 plans to build their first facility in an abandon K-Mart building in a rust-belt mid-western town. The founders of Matrics2 have a heart to serve the community.  

Eagle Venture Fund News

DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Conference - we enjoyed participating in this event at the invitation of the Swiss Ambassador.  
The Lions Den - we plan to attend the October Lion's Den Event.  If you would like to connect with us at the event, please reach out to us at info@eagleventurefund.com.   

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