Eagle Venture Fund Announces Investment in AudiencePoint

Eagle Venture Fund is pleased to announce we have invested in AudiencePoint, led by Andy Perez.  AudiencePoint levers a global data pool of customer engagement to help retailers respect their customers with relevant, timely content.


AudiencePoint Value Proposition:

AudiencePoint solves a huge existing problem – low engagement rates due to noise in online marketing.  AudiencePoint applies their client engagement data set to solve:

  • Who to send to

  • What they want to engage with

  • When to send to them

  • How (what medium) to communicate via

... so end users get what they want, when they want it, how they want it.  

AudiencePoint Market Opportunity:

AudiencePoint serves the online marketing sector.  There are 4.3 Billion email addresses worldwide sending and average of 221 billion messages per day (2015).  About half of these messages are estimated to be consumer-related.  The opportunity is to cut through all this noise.  

AudiencePoint Stage:

AudiencePoint was founded in 2013 and was profitable in 2017 with $1m in revenue.  The team recently signed a Fortune 10 client and is in negotiations with another major company that would provide AudiencePoint's services to over 2000 major brands.  

AudiencePoint Impact
We believe in supporting entrepreneurs who use their companies to close the gap between the way things ought to be and the way things are today. While digital culture today consists of countless companies competing for eyeballs with ever more frequent, louder messaging and inbox spam, AudiencePoint seeks to deliver relevant content at times and in ways that are most relevant to customers. It contributes not to advertising noise but to a relationship that respects the user.  Andy also stands for the way things ought to be by refusing to market for companies in the adult services industry, which we heartily support.

AudiencePoint Valuation Milestones:

AudiencePoint recently signed two contracts with Microsoft, which increased it's valuation.  AudiencePoint is also in negotiations with a major online marketing firm that bring thousands of brand names to AudiencePoint, which will be a major valuation milestone.  

Eagle Venture Fund News

We enjoyed participating in the Lion's Den Dallas Fort-Worth in March.  Here is the presentation Wade Myers gave at the event titled "What's Wrong With My Business Plan?"  We connected with many of you there, and we look forward to the fall Lion's Den in Birmingham.  

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