Eagle Venture Fund Announces Investment in Bee Friendly

Eagle Venture Fund is pleased to announce an investment in Bee Friendly, a digital and video-based curriculum to minimize (and hopefully banish) bullying.

Bee Friendly Value Proposition:

Bullying is a national health crisis that Bee Friendly solves for children,
parents, schools, and communities


  • 32 died from bully retaliation school shootings in 2018

  • Suicide is now the second leading cause of death for  kids 10-14 year old.

  • 160,000 kids skip school daily in the U.S. due to bullying


  • 90% of BEE FRIENDLY NOW™ students felt safer at school

  • 98% of BEE FRIENDLY NOW™ students feel hopeful

  • 95% of BEE FRIENDLY NOW™ students experienced more kindness

  • 95% of BEE FRIENDLY NOW™ students saw reduced bullying

Bee Friendly Business Model:

Schools: BFN sells a school on the digital program (which is funded by the
school or by local community programs) for up to $10/student/year
Families: The schools then kick-off a campaign to introduce families to the
program, who sign up for $10/month recurring revenue
Communities: BFN provides digital curriculum to afterschool programs,
summer camps and clubs $10/student recurring revenue

Content Platform:

Evidence-based, 3rd Party Reviewed Curriculum by Social Psychologists and
supported by the Dallas division of the FBI:

  • 45-Minute Digital Video Assembly

  • 35 School Video Lessons (adding more daily to 175)

  • 60 Bee Friendly Family Video Lessons

  • 180 Daily Digital Announcements

  • 36 Weekly Digital Announcements

  • 96 Digital Famous Quotes

  • 47 Digital Worksheets for Lower Elementary

  • 47 Digital Worksheets for Upper Elementary

  • 52 Bee Friendly Now Affirmation Cards

  • 24/7 Digital Teacher Training

Revenue Pipeline:

  • Piloted in 4 schools impacting 7,000

  • Sales in progress with 76 schools in 24 states impacting 104,000

  • President Trump’s new appointment for Commissioner on Children, Youth, and Families, Dept. of HHS, Elizabeth Darling, including BFN in her Senate Proposal for 38m Students Nationwide a $2.4m proposal

  • Texas Governor Abbott requested BFN proposal to rollout statewide for 2.5m students

  • Mayor Jeff Williams of the City of Arlington, (a Texas Model City) partnering with UTA and BFN for 55 schools and 27k student impact

Bee Friendly Impact

  • Bringing back foundations of Character, Leadership, Communication, Social-Emotional Learning and Bully Prevention into schools, families, and communities

  • Management team commitment to their Christian faith and operating the company accordingly

  • Content is rooted in Biblical principles of Isaiah 61.  We help heal the brokenhearted—we bring hope to the hopeless—we create a world of Beelonging